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How to start?

If you are interested, the next thing to do is to contact me for a free introduction. That's a first introductory conversation over the phone, takes about 10 minutes and is free of charge. If convenient for both of us, we might do this straight away when you call me, otherwise I will contact you back within 24 hours. The aim is for you to get an idea of what services I offer and a first sense of me as a person.

If this contact seems promising, the next step would be a session, either face-to-face or via video call. I call this assessment session as it gives us both the opportunity to assess whether we would like to proceed working together.

I would want to know in more detail about what you would like to work on, and some background on your experiences and history. Vice versa, there is plenty of time for you to find out more about me as a counsellor and raise any other questions you might have. Most importantly, this meeting is for you to establish whether you feel comfortable and at ease with me.

By the end of this first session, unless you decide against it there and then, I like to have an agreement about the next step in place. Sometimes, mainly in the case of coaching, this is a concrete plan of action, including a specified number of sessions and methodology. More often, it is the decision to meet again and take it step-by-step until the client has gained more clarity about what they would like to achieve and how to go about it.

Whatever the agreement is, however, you then have a couple of days to let everything settle. My advise at this stage is to simply go with your 'gut feeling.' If you decide against it just let me know, no explanation required, otherwise we will continue with the next agreed session, at my regular fee and subject to your acceptance of my terms of business, which i will have discussed with you during the assessment session.

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Introduction per telephone (approx. 10 minutes): free of charge

Session prices vary (depending on duration, online/offline, frequency) between 95 EUR/GBP and 140 EUR/GBP. Please ask for further details/information.

I also have low-cost spaces available, please let me know if you have financial concerns.

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